Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)
Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)
Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)
Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)
Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)
Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)

Easy Bun Maker (2 PCS)

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The New Way To Bun Your Hair

That's right! Forget about ugly old-fashioned sock buns, Easy Bun Maker creates perfect buns in seconds. Lightweight, pretty, durable & gets the job done. Why pay expensive hair salons for updos? When you can make it yourself at home.

Our Easy Bun Maker will shorten the process of creating the perfect bun on your hair and now you can pull that look off in seconds with this! It is all that you need for a quick go-to hairstyle that can turn your hair into a well-made bun without the need for pins or clips.

This bun making tool is also a smart investment if you're busy and would like to have your hair done-up even while on the move. It has a convenient wrap-and-snap design that secures your hair in place and adds fullness to your other updo hairstyles.


  • Great For DIY Hair Fix
    It only takes a few minutes to make neat, sexy and tidy hairstyles all by yourself

  • Time Saving :
    The quick roll-and-snap design of this bun maker will give you a super classy, ready-to-go donut bun in less than 30 seconds

  • All-Day Security And Comfort:
    With this handy hair accessory, you won't need to use any other tools because it can securely hold your hair in place all-day

  • Practical
    Eliminates time-consuming & costly salon visits because now you can create the perfect bun yourself at home

  • Prevent Hair Damage:
    When you go to the salon, you expose your hair to excessive blow-drying and use of chemicals that can significantly weaken hair strands

  • Easy To Use:
    Just stick your ponytail into the middle of the tool, roll your hair toward your head, form a circle with the tool, then spread your hair out into a perfect bun

  • One Bun Maker:
    Create different types of beautiful hair bun styles like French twists, perfect easy buns, chignons, messy bun, braided bun, updo hairstyles, & more

  • Convenient and Comfortable:
    Lightweight and reusable, this hair bun maker fits nicely in your bag so you can take it on the go, & is very easy to use, you won’t even notice you’re wearing one

  • Wide Application:
    Perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day, going to a wedding, graduation, prom, ballet, yoga, partying, or everyday use


  • Material: Plush  
  • Size: 25 x 2.7 cm   
  • Colors: Brown, Black and Gold

Packages Includes:

  • 2 x Easy Bun Maker